Teaching Your Child About Fire (without getting burned)

Make Teaching Your Child About Fire A Top Priority. Photo by Nisha A http://www.flickr.com/photos/samiksha/4187205767

Curiosity is a vital part of a healthy childhood. Children are naturally very curious about fire. When children are curious about something, they often “play” with it in order to learn about it. Last year, thousands of children “played” with matches. Only, they didn’t learn anything… they died.

Fire is the leading cause of death in the home for young children in the U.S. Tragically, one third of the children who died in home fires last year actually set the fires that killed them. Burns are also a major cause of accidental death for young children in our country, many of who are burned when playing with matches or lighters.

What’s most tragic about these deaths is that almost all of them could have been prevented. How? By teaching fire safety in the home. This brochure can help you teach your children about fire so that they, and you, don’t get burned.

In this series, you will learn: