Step One: Teaching Your Child About Fire

Teaching Your Child About Fire Safety

“What is fire?”

Fire is a strong natural force, like wind, water or electrical power, which produces heat. Like all energy sources, fire is a tool we use in our everyday lives: cooking food, heating homes, powering cars, and lighting candles are just a few examples of ways we use fire as a tool.

Fire can be extremely dangerous, because the heat it produces can quickly get out of control if not handled properly. Because of this danger to people and property, adults should only use fire. Even adults must carefully follow special safety rules whenever they use fire.

Fire is useful, but it is not magic. It is powerful, but it is practical when used wisely. Its fascinating process, but its also a part of everyday life. It is not a toy, and young children should never be allowed to use it like one. This is the lesson you should teach your child about fire.