Step Three: Setting A Good Example

Children learn by watching and imitating adults. Make sure your children have a good example to follow. Let your child learn from you the importance of following safety rules whenever fire is used. Take advantage of these times to emphasize the precautions you use.

Cooking: You can make safety a part of every recipe by wearing tight-fitting sleeves, using pot holders and pan lids, turning pan handles in, keeping the stove area clean of easily combustible materials. Heating: Have your heating system cleaned and inspected and keep all vents clear, store flammable liquids far away from a furnace, use a screen for your fireplace and make sure your woodstove is properly installed and vented.

Smoking: Keep matches and lighters above the strike zone, use safe ashtrays, carefully dispose of ashes, never allow children to light cigarettes or pipes, never “play tricks” with a lighter or matches.

Never let anyone use matches or lighters in an unsafe way in front of your child. Make certain all adults follow this rule in your home.