Scald Burn Facts and Figures

National Scald Prevention Campaign Statistics

  • 4,000 deaths
  • 400,000 hospitalized in burn centers
  • 40% of all treated burns and one-third of those hospitalized are scalds
  • 75% of all burns to young children are scalds
  • 40% of all scald injuries are to children 0-4 years of age
    • Scalds are the leading cause of burn injuries, particularly to young children and senior adults.
    • Hot liquids can cause first, second and third degree burns depending on temperature and length of exposure.
    • At 155º, a third degree burn can occur within 1 second.
    • The risk of a scald injury could be greatly reduced by turning your water heater to a low or warm setting (120-130º)

    Time and temperature relationship required to scald a healthy adult

    • 155°F: 1 Second
    • 140°F: 5 Seconds
    • 127°F: 1 Minute
    • 120°F: 5 Minutes
    • 100°F: Safe Bathing Temperature